What is Charlesfund?

Charlesfund is a crowdsourcing platform that takes the investment decisions of an investment group and uses the data to maximize the returns of their collective portfolio

How does Charlesfund work?


Investors vote for different securities using Charlesfund’s platform. The platform is intuitive and simple

Using this data, we find the best investors. We can design the group's portfolio based on decisions from the best investors

The best investors lead the whole group towards higher profits!

Over time, leaders change. The best investors rise to the top and continuously improve the fund

By intelligently crowdsourcing, the Charlesfund software helps everyone in the fund maximize returns!

What makes Charlesfund different?

  1. We strive to engage our investors. We don’t just improve a group’s returns, we improve the investors with an engaging investment platform.
  2. Charlesfund keeps investing fun, focused and competitive. This transforms passive investors into stewards of their group's fund.
  3. We have teamed up with investment clubs and investment advisors alike with one mission: providing their investors the best investing experience. We strive to improve their client’s profits and knowledge with the help of our innovative software.